Opening a Reward Card In Store

When making a purchase in store one of the team will ask you for a few details, they will be your Full Name, Email or Phone Number. 

This will only take a few minutes and will be stored securely on our system. 

This is NOT a store card

Your details will not be shared with any 3rd party and only used by us to let you know of any upcoming Reward Events. 

Opening a Reward Account Online

When completing your purchase online, you can leave us a message in the Notes field on the delivery option page, asking to start a Reward Account. We can then add 5% back as an e-Wallet balance for you to use on your next purchase or continue to build.

Rewards will be added within 48 Hours of purchase  

If you already have a Reward Account, please leave us your card number in the Note Field at the delivery page so we can add to your balance. 

Redeeming Your Reward Card Online

If you wish to redeem your Reward Card on our website we can change them to an E-Wallet balance for you. 

Please contact a member of our team before your purchase via email: When emailing please send us your Reward Card number and the e-mail address on your online account. We can then change your card rewards to an E-wallet balance for you. 


Redeeming Your Reward Account Online

All your rewards will be added to your E-Wallat balance. 

When you reach the payments page of the checkout process there will be an option to select use E-wallet.

If you wish to use the rewards then please select this option and your available balance will be deducted from the final amount of your order. 

If you wish to continue to build your rewards then please leave this un ticked, we will then be able to add to your E-Wallet to be used at a later date. 

Earn 5% Rewards On All Purchases ↓

Redeemable After 1st Purchase ↓

Exclusive Events for Reward Cardholders ↓

Rewards Deducted on Returned items ↓