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Lacoste is a brand created by the legendary French Tennis player Rene Lacoste in the early 1920's, creating the now massively famous Crocodile logo alongside the help of his close friend Robert George, which made it's first appearance in 1926 embroidered on the blazer of Rene Lacoste. This desire to create grew and grew within Rene's passion, and he then later in the 20's began creating apparel as he began noticing Polo players short sleeved shirts which he wanted as it helps create better freedom of movement and decided to make it his own with his own crocodile logo to make the final touches.

In 1933 Lacoste launched its first advertising campaign and was launched the same year with Andre Griller, showing the polo made with a brand new breathable fabric featuring the crocodile logo that was designed.

in 1951 Lacoste launched a colour range for his Petit Pique polo, infusing the brand with a cheerful, bright and vibrant look to match its elegance. Later in 1958 they launched their first childrens clothing line and they also began dabbling more with footwear Tennis Shoes to match their Tennis apparel. 

The world of Lacoste has thrived over the generations and is now the worlds most renowned lifestyle brand evolving massively to branching into more than just Apparel and footwear to ideas such as Fragrances and Accessories. Showing a retro look to a classic style, and thriving for years and years to come.